Sangha meeting for Jan. 19

Dear Sangha,

There’s a slight change this week – I’m switching with Jose who will do the 5 Mindfulness Trainings on January 26.

This coming Sunday I’m going to tell you about my Dharma Toolbox. This is perhaps one of the most important things I have and in fact we all have them. My toolbox has been invaluable over the years and in fact I’ve used it so much I may need a bigger one. So, come prepared to reactivate your toolbox if you don’t use it too much or to look at your practice in a new practical way. We are trying to work to transform our suffering and my toolbox is what allows me to do exactly that.

Come a little early for tea and it will be great to see you next Sunday.

Discussing the Dharma in the ultimate dimension,
we look at each other and smile.
You are me, don’t you see?
Speaking and listening, we are one.

With a smile,


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