Sangha meeting for March 19, 2023

Dear Thay, dear Sangha,

Please join us this Sunday from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., either in person or by Zoom. For security reasons the Zoom link is not posted on the website, but is available on request. We’ll be meeting at the Albuquerque Zen Center, 2300 Garfield Ave. SE. 

One of the Buddha’s most fundamental teachings is The Noble Eightfold Path. It’s the Fourth Noble Truth, and consists of Right View, Right Thought, Right Concentration, Right Mindfulness, Right Speech, Right Livelihood, Right Action and Right Effort. It is symbolized by the eight-spoked Wheel of Dharma. This Sunday we’ll be delving into what each of these means, and some of their inter-relationships. 

For now the weekly email announcements are also being posted on our website,

The upcoming retreat is now full, with 40 registrants and all available rooms at the Norbertine Retreat Center booked.  

To maintain an atmosphere of reverence and tranquility in the Zendo we’ll be observing 10 minutes of Noble Silence before each meeting.

Dana (generosity) is one of the virtues cultivated in Buddhism. It is customary to offer Dana in appreciation for the benefits received and to support the Sangha. Dana can be financial and it can also be in other forms such as helping with setup or breakdown of meetings and days of mindfulness. 

If you’d like to be removed from this email list just let me know. 

With metta,


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