Schedule for retreat Aug. 17-18 in Bernalillo

The schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday 17th:

08:00am      Walking Meditation

09:30am      DT (Healing) incl. 30’ of Sitting Med. (Livestream)           

11:30am      Stick Exercise/ Mindful Movements 

12:30pm      Mindful Lunch (Packed Lunch)

02:30pm      Deep Relaxation

03:30pm      Dharma Sharing

05:00pm      Personal Time

06:00pm      Mindful Dinner (Packed Dinner)

07:00pm      Workshops (5MT presentation, BegAnew)

08:30pm      Noble Silence

Wednesday 18th:

08:00am      Walking Meditation

09:30am      5 MT Transmission

11:00am      Q&A incl. 30 min. of Sitting Meditation

12:30pm      Mindful Lunch (Packed Lunch)

02:00pm      Closing Circle

03:00pm      End of Retreat

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