Consensus vote changes our Sangha name to Quiet Mind Sangha

We recently concluded a name change process. This included a three-week period of accepting proposed name suggestions, during which 19 suggestions were received. The Transformation Committee considered all the suggestions, all of which were very good names. We want to thank everyone who participated.

It turned out that about half were already in use by another Sangha or were very similar to existing Sangha names, so were ruled out. Finally we held a consensus vote on the name Quiet Mind Sangha, and there was consensus.

Now with all deliberate speed, as time and energy allow, we’ll change over the URL, website name, and documents to reflect this change.

The reason for the change was to avoid possible confusion. In recent years the word Rainbow has become associated with organizations exclusively for people identifying as LGBTQ+. While our sangha is completely tolerant, supportive, and inclusive of LGBTQ+ people, the sangha is meant for everyone and we have many straight members as well, so decided to change the Rainbow name.

Please note that until further notice we are holding hybrid meetings on Sundays from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at the Albuquerque Zen Center, 2300 Garfield Ave. SE. For the in-person meeting we are distancing, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer and HEPA air filtration. If you’re interested in joining by Zoom please contact us for the Zoom logon info. We hope to see you at a meeting soon.

YouTube channels for Brother Gem and Brother Freedom

We are all grateful for the beautiful retreat in Bernalillo on August 17 & 18 led by Brother Freedom, Brother Earth, and Brother Gem. We are also grateful for the participation and generosity of about 30 attendees.

By request, here are the YouTube channels for Brother Gem and Brother Freedom:

Brother Gem

Brother Freedom

Schedule for retreat Aug. 17-18 in Bernalillo

The schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday 17th:

08:00am      Walking Meditation

09:30am      DT (Healing) incl. 30’ of Sitting Med. (Livestream)           

11:30am      Stick Exercise/ Mindful Movements 

12:30pm      Mindful Lunch (Packed Lunch)

02:30pm      Deep Relaxation

03:30pm      Dharma Sharing

05:00pm      Personal Time

06:00pm      Mindful Dinner (Packed Dinner)

07:00pm      Workshops (5MT presentation, BegAnew)

08:30pm      Noble Silence

Wednesday 18th:

08:00am      Walking Meditation

09:30am      5 MT Transmission

11:00am      Q&A incl. 30 min. of Sitting Meditation

12:30pm      Mindful Lunch (Packed Lunch)

02:00pm      Closing Circle

03:00pm      End of Retreat

Covid safety measures for retreat and Sangha meetings

Dear Sangha, it is always our wish to protect the health our our members and community. In light of the fact that we have many elderly members, the high transmissibility of the Delta variant, the fact that Bernalillo County is currently listed as a red (high transmission rate) county and cases are rising, we will be using the following protective measures.

For both the retreat and Sangha in-person meetings we are asking for all participants to be vaccinated, to wear masks, and to maintain social distancing. Hopefully this will allow us to gather and practice while minimizing risk. All are welcome to attend Sangha meetings via Zoom.

With metta


Updated flyer and website to register for retreat in Bernalillo Aug. 17 & 18

More information about the retreat, and a link to register, are available at the Deer Park Monastery site at

You can also go directly to the registration page at 

Here’s a revised flyer with a link to the information page. You can download and print the flyer as desired.